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About Us

Poster Display Cases is dedicated to providing our customers with the most authentic poster cases, marquees, kiosks, and other display cases on the market.
Located in Chicago, Illinois, Poster Display Cases ships products directly from the manufacturer from multiple points across the United States.
Our passion for display cases started a few years ago: we started selling home theater equipment and authentic cinema decor and replica items.  Our website sold and still sells everything from theater chairs and big screens to popcorn machines and yes, poster display cases.  
We found that while these types of cases were quite popular, finding a reputable place with an extensive selection to purchase customizable display cases was very hard.
Enter PosterDisplayCases.com.  We decided to help make searching for poster display cases easy.  We are your one-stop-shop for poster display boxes, poster marquees, poster kiosks, and freestanding poster displays.     
Whether you're looking to add a brand new set of marquees outside a corporate cinema or you need a simple, genuine display case for your quaint home theater, Poster Display Cases has just what you need.
Feel free to browse through our site and contact us today if you have any questions or need any assistance finding the poster display case that's right for you and your theater!



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