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How Does a Backlit Poster Frame Work?


Backlit movie poster frames offer an awesome backlit image holder that projects from the wall. With this, your visitors or customers will easily notice your graphics in these special illuminated poster displays. In most cases, these poster frames are intended for commercial purposes but this does not mean you cannot display your favorite posters in your home theater. However, in case you are a business or company that wishes to incorporate a one of a kind element of light into your everyday advertising and marketing signage, go ahead and grab this opportunity.

Most businesses have realized the need and effectiveness of print advertisements. They are undoubtedly one of the best forms of advertisement that any business can utilize. This is why more and more businesses are spending thousands of dollars on this kind of advertisements. Utilizing this potential benefit of an illuminated poster frame lets you turn your ordinary business signage into attention grabbing and eye catching displays! When a backlit movie poster frame is placed outdoors, this exterior rated display will surely make any passerby want to stop and notice. Moreover, these poster frames are available in a variety of thin profile styles as well as sizes. This creative line features edge-lit and backlit lighting. They are a great way of adding a touch of life to your otherwise normal graphic displays.

An illuminated poster frame is also very effective when displayed in malls, pubs, airports, retail stores among other entertainment venues. Most vendors offer poster frames for a variety of applications including directories, menu system as well as POP signs. These backlit poster frames are very popular sign displays since they are fairly priced and are also very easy to use. Because of the backlit movie poster frame’s illuminated feature, these light boxes are always noticed regardless of where they are placed. Backlit poster panels are the only way of making your graphics come alive using its bright lighting that equally grabs the attention of anyone including potential customers. As opposed to the traditional poster and sign holder displays, these backlit movie poster frames have more than ample lighting to be seen even in very bright environments!

These light boxes and sign panels are also available in a variety of sizes in order to make sure that there are frames that fit almost any particular need. Are you about to shop for your indoor promotional products? There are a variety of colors and styles as far as these poster frames are concerned. For instance, you can be sure to find a backlit movie poster frame that has a thin Led and snap frames for a user friendly and fully functional design. Also, the illuminated poster frame’s floor standing edge-lit sign stand works perfectly in entry ways as well as lobbies. Regardless of the style you choose to select, there are several types of light boxes out there that will get your graphics noticed! Moreover, there are custom backlit poster frames that fit most of the light box units in the market.

So as to cater for each and every need as well as budget, there are custom illuminated poster frames and ultra thin backlit movie poster frames in the market that suit your needs bearing in mind that most of these backlit boxes are competitively priced. Let us handle your posters and custom graphics here for you! Additionally, these backlit boxes also have a wide range of selections of trade shows, retail and point of purchase displays on the web. 

Here is what to keep in mind before purchasing an illuminated poster frame. There are several essential factors that you should be well aware of when selecting your backlit movie poster frame unit. For instance, the materials and colors used to construct these frames vary from one unit to another. Also, the poster frame casings are commonly made of either aluminum or wood. Keep in mind that there are different light sources available to light your frame, LED or fluorescent.  Also be sure to find out whether the unit protects posters from external elements and heat of the lights. Hot running poster light boxes may fade posters and damage puckers. Our light boxes are specially designed with a cooling system and guarantees protection for your posters. Contact us if you need further information regarding our products.



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