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How Much Does a Movie Poster Light Box Cost?


There’s no question that poster presentation plays a role in recreating the movie theater experience right in your home. A movie poster light box can add the finishing touches to your home theater and depending on your room décor, you could even have more than one. Of course, movie poster boxes are also used in commercial applications such as commercial theaters, buildings, schools, etc. But how much does a movie theater poster light box cost? Great news! There are a number of different styles with different price points, so there is something for every budget.

A movie poster light box is a great way to give your home theater that authentic cinema feel. These are the same ones used in commercial theaters, schools and other commercial venues. There are different styles to choose from ranging from modern to retro style. They come with different lighting options such as chase lighting and backlighting and there are also different color options. Whether you love a classic Hollywood feel or a modern marquee there is a style that’s perfect for your space. Movie poster light boxes start around $1000 and go up in price. 


Movie poster light boxes have different lighting options that are going to affect the price point. The classic way to light a movie poster display is with lighting from behind. This is usually a daylight or warm light source that is mounted on the backside of the light box. This can be accomplished with LED lighting, chase lighting, fluorescent lighting, and lighting around the frame.  The type of lighting used will be reflected in the frame price

Types of Light Boxes

There are different types of boxes that you can buy for your movie posters. The price will vary depending on the type of box. There are poster cases, poster marquees, freestanding poster displays and even beautiful poster kiosks. The typical poster case is a great addition to any space providing an authentic cinema feel. Starting around $500, this affordable option fits the budget of most.

A poster marquee can offer you the experience of a high-end theater. Made from the best possible materials and with the highest craftsmanship, these offer superior quality and are designed to last. You get a personalized header, a dater box, and lighting options that all contribute to creating that cinema feel. Prices start at around $1000.

Freestanding poster displays and poster kiosks are another option with a higher starting price point. Designed for use inside or outside, these freestanding poster displays are conveniently portable. Displays range from simple to elaborate and there are a number of styles such as art deco to choose from. Prices start around $500 although that is a basic display stand, with basic materials. On average, the starting price is around $1200 and goes up depending on materials and just how elaborate the display is.

Materials and Workmanship

Like with any product you buy, the materials used in the construction of your movie poster light box will be reflected in the price. Poster boxes can be made from plastics or metals, they can use Plexiglas or glass, and they can have light construction or a more rugged construction. All of these will be reflected in the price of your poster box. In addition, workmanship can vary as well and is also reflected in the price. Look hard and you might be able to find a poster box for a couple of hundred dollars but you should expect the workmanship to be inferior and the product to have a minimal life expectancy. You are much better off spending a little more money and investing in a movie poster light box that has been built with the highest quality craftsmanship and materials because this will ultimately be reflected in the life of your product. Quality products last longer.

Indoors and Outdoors

Some poster light boxes are designed just for indoor use while others are designed for both outdoor and indoor use. Materials used for outdoor are different and are often finished differently. There are more costs associated with preparing a product for use outdoors, so you should expect to pay more for your movie theater poster light box if it is designed for outdoor use.

Life Expectancy

Life expectancy is directly related to materials used and workmanship. In addition, how you take care of your poster case will help to determine how long it lasts. Some boxes are designed for use only inside while others are designed for either outside or inside use. It is important that you use your box according to the manufacturer’s instructions and that you follow care guidelines to help your poster box last.

If you are in the market for a movie poster light box, it is important to compare products and make sure that you know the differences, which can be reflected in the price.



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