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How to Creatively Use Movie Poster Cases for Home Décor


Movie posters have been a part of home décor for a long time now, and from teenage rooms to millionaire’s homes, movie posters have adorned walls and brought the room together by combining a funky style with elegance. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you have to admit that using movie posters for home décor adds to the overall ambiance of any room.

Thus, movie poster cases aren’t just for theaters. While framing a poster or simply sticking it on the wall might be your favored choice, many people are now using proper movie poster cases to bring a bit of a twist to their home decorations. Movie poster cases add a retro feel to the room, and give an atmosphere of excitement, and if you want to display your love for your favorite movies by using some gorgeous movie poster cases, then do so by choosing the ones which are perfectly compatible with the room.

Premiere Series ETS-8 Poster Case w/Chase Lights

This Premiere Series poster case is all about the drama. It’s the classic choice for all movie buffs. Classy and elegant, the Premiere movie poster case features 7-watt chasing lights which can also freeze in place. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, the Premiere has a lockable door as well, to safeguard your precious posters. Also, if you ever feel like you have had enough from one poster, you can simply switch it out for another one. An added bonus of rear-illumination is that it adds life to your favorite poster.

Museum Series ETS-9 Poster Case

For those of you who like understated décor in their home which highlights their rebellious streak, the Museum movie poster case is right up your alley. This elegant movie poster display exudes class. Available for indoor use, your poster will be backlit with fluorescent or LED lighting and the case is designed to hang on any studded, brick, stone or wood wall as well, as long as you have a nail in place.

Da Vinci Series ETS-27 Poster Case

Perfect for indoor hanging, the Da Vinci poster case gives an artsy yet classic look to your posters. This lockable, front loading case is great for indoor décor and makes any poster stand out. Apart from the standard lighting options, the Da Vinci poster case has a backlit option so that your poster can look even cooler. Apart from being effortlessly chic, this movie poster case can hang from numerous surfaces such as brick, stone and wood, making any wall look complete and beautiful.

There are many other movie poster cases available for you to choose from, but when it comes to getting the case, remember to only use the one which complements the room’s décor. By bringing a movie poster into the room, not only will you be able to create a different style, but you will also be able to show your love for your favorite flicks.



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