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Risks of Making Your Own Poster Light Box


Poster light boxes are a great way to make your home theater room authentic. For commercial theaters, schools and other businesses a poster light box is a great way to bring attention to the latest movies or events that are occurring and they can play a key role in generating revenue. Bottom line – a poster light box is a great investment. If you’ve thought about buying a poster light box, but decided rather than paying the price you’d make your own, you might want to rethink that decision. There are risks associated with making your own poster light box, which is what we are going to talk about right now.


You build your movie poster light box display case and it turns out okay. Now you want to make a matching one so you have two or even three poster light boxes that are the same. The trouble is when you are finished they are not exactly the same. That’s going to be the outcome for most of us, unless you are a professional carpenter or a similar tradesmen.

For most of us, this would simply be a project we undertake with high hopes of saving money. The trouble is if you spend all your time and the cost of materials and don’t get the end result you were hoping for you are going to be disappointed.

Potentially, an even worse outcome is that your finished boxes don’t look professional. Your business is respected and supported in the community and the last thing you want to do is look less than professional, where they begin to question your ability to deliver products or services.

Fire Risk

You look at a picture of a poster light box and you think, ‘hmm how hard can it be to build one.’ There’s no question that building a basic frame might not be too difficult but if you want to build a proper poster light box it takes skill. One of the risks associated with homemade poster boxes is fire. A proper understanding of lighting and wiring is necessary to make sure that you don’t create a fire risk either from the poster itself or from your wiring. Ask yourself if it’s worth the risk of burning down your business or home to save a few dollars. If you are being realistic and you consider your time as money, do the math, you’ll be saving hardly anything over simply purchasing your poster lightbox and you’ll eliminate the fire risk at the same time.

Sharp Edges

As a business, liability is always on your mind. You create a space that’s safe for your clients and customers. Yet when you build your poster light box, you create a new risk. The corners on your homemade poster lightbox are not going to be rounded and these sharp square corners present a risk to your customer and clients. You should consider if saving a few dollars is worth the increased liability risk should someone catch themselves on a corner.

In addition, nothing looks more appealing and professional than the round corners that manufactured poster boxes come with. It adds a nice finished look and feel that you aren’t likely to be able to replicate at home.


Lighting is really what makes your poster light box the equipment it is. Without proper lighting, your poster isn’t going to attract the desired attention. If you are thinking what’s the big deal, you will be in for a surprise, and not a pleasant one.

It takes an understanding of lighting and light reflection to get the lighting correct in your poster box to do the desired job. If you cause glare, and fail to create a lighting that attracts people to stop and read, you’ll have missed the boat and failed at your goal. The end result is you will have not only wasted your time and materials, if you are a business, you are potentially throwing away revenue.

In addition, if you do not do the lighting correctly, there is always the risk of causing a fire, which we already talked about earlier.

Conclusion – Do You Really Want to Build Your Own Poster Light Box?

Look around; check out the prices for a quality poster light box. You may be surprised at just how affordable they really are. Why waste your time and money on materials, along with creating a risk, to make something that’s already available. There are a number of different price points, so you are sure to find a poster light box that fits your budget and needs, while eliminating all of the above risks.  At Poster Display Cases, we always offer Free Shipping on your orders, so you will never have to worry about any additional shipping costs! 



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