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The Differences Between a Poster Case and Poster Marquee


Whether you have a home theater room that you want to create the feel of a big commercial theater or you own a commercial theater or business that promotes movies you have choices to make and those choices include deciding on whether a movie poster case or poster marquee is better for you. How do you decide which of the two is a better choice for you? Well it starts with understanding what the differences are between the two. Let’s begin looking at poster cases and poster marquees and what they have to offer.

Poster Cases

A movie poster case is a hinged and lockable case designed to display a movie poster. They are backlit and use either LED lighting that is the most efficient to operate or conventional fluorescent lighting. Poster cases can be for either indoor/outdoor use or just indoor use. The poster case can have space for a dater strip to display but not all of them have this feature. This strip is used to display the movie that’s currently showing or those that are coming soon. It might also list the show times.

There are several different sizes of poster cases and many different case designs that you can choose from. It means that you can find the perfect cases for your display whether that’s in your home theater room or at your commercial theater. Look for poster cases that are made from quality materials so that they’ll stand up for years to come. Then choose the lighting option that you feel is right for you. While LED lighting may be more cost effective and provide a better lighting option, there is still a pace for fluorescent lighting. Having the option is nice.

Poster Marquees

If you want to create a spectacular presentation, whether it’s at a commercial theater or in your home theater room, you want to have a look at what poster marquees have to offer. Your movie posters will be illuminated from behind. You can even choose options like chaser lighting or glow through translucent halos in different colors, along with LED lighting and fluorescent lighting.

Your poster marquee can be directly wired into your wiring or it can have a power cord. If your poster marquee isn’t connected to a switched outlet you might want to look for a lower profile external rocker power switch.

A poster marquee is a backlit open faced poster display. It is backlit using either LED lighting, which saves energy or fluorescent lighting. Poster marquees are designed only for use indoors. It can have an area for a dater strip although not all poster marquees do. 

There are different styles of poster marquees that you can choose from so finding the perfect look for your space has never been easier. Poster marquees are popular in high end theaters. The poster marquees is ready to provide you with a true cinema experience. Look for those that are made from the highest quality materials and the finest craftsmanship.

It has never been easier to display your movie posters whether that’s to give your home theater room the perfect finishing touches or its to make sure your commercial theater makes the most of its movie advertising. From modern looking poster marquees or poster cases to traditional cases or marquees you will be able to find the right look and feel to your room.

Price points depend on what style you choose, what lighting you decide on and whether you choose low quality (not recommended), average quality or high end quality. It also depends on where you purchase your poster case or poster marquee from. Make sure that you always do your research so that you can be sure you are getting the best bang for your buck. 

All you need to do is decide which is better for you – the poster case or poster marquee - the rest is up to you. 



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