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The Lighting Options for Lighted Movie Poster Frames


Lighted movie poster frames are a great way to recreate the movie theater experience in your home theater. Of course commercial theaters, businesses, etc. can get a great deal of value from lighted movie poster frames to promote current and upcoming movies. There are different kinds of lighting used in the poster frames. Let’s look at fluorescent vs. LED lighting.

Power Usage - Fluorescent vs. LED Lighting

These days the LED movie poster frame is generally more popular than fluorescent lighting, which was the traditional standby for many years. Fluorescent lighted movie theater poster frames use more power than LED lighting, which means you can expect it to cost you more in electricity. Whether you are using your movie poster frames in your home theater room or at your theater, saving money is always appreciated.

Life Expectancy - Fluorescent vs. LED Lighting

You can also expect to pay more for fluorescent lighting than LED lighting, because you will have to replace fluorescent lights more often than LED lighting. LEDs last longer and they are very energy efficient, so your operating costs will be less than if you use fluorescent bulbs.

The life expectancy of the LED backlight poster frame is 10 to 15 times longer than fluorescent lighting. That’s because the LEDs don’t have a filament and so there is not the risk of damaging like there is with fluorescent bulbs.

More Light – Fluorescent or LED?

LEDs initially were single bulbs but evolved into small clusters of bulbs, which make them excellent for use in lighted movie poster frames. A backlit LED movie poster frame offers 70 percent more light than fluorescent lighting will offer. That’s going to make your poster(s) much more noticeable. You can see why LEDs continue to grow in popularity – they cost less to operate, throw 70 percent more light and they last longer. That’s more value for your money.

Beam Angle – Fluorescent vs. LED Lighting

LED bulb beam angle is 110 degrees while T8 bulbs (fluorescent lighting) has a beam angle of 360 degrees. What does this mean? It means that when you use LED lighted poster movie theater frames your posters will be lit much better because the majority of lighting is focused on the poster, which means it is illuminated much better than with fluorescent lighting where much of the lighting is off to the sides and does not help to illuminate the poster. You have energy costs that are a bit like washing your money down the drain because you are paying the energy costs for lighting that is not even illuminating your poster. For your home theater posters you want to get the maximum effect, but even more importantly, in a commercial environment posters that are not lit properly in your movie poster frame may go unnoticed and affect your revenue too. That’s like a double hitter – you pay too much for the energy use and don’t generate the revenue you should from the poster.

Lighting UV/IR Light Spectrum - Fluorescent vs. LED Lighting

Lighting can emit UV/IR light rays that are harmful and cause eye strain and eye fatigue. LED backlit movie poster frames don’t emit any rays that are harmful and because it is a clean light and that also means that your sign colors will be much crisper and the colors won’t appear as faded as they can with fluorescent lighting. Therefore, when you choose LED lighting you don’t have to worry about harmful rays and your movie poster shows the best.

LED lighting makes your poster(s) the center attraction in a way that fluorescent simply cannot.

Cost - Fluorescent vs. LED Lighting

LED poster lighting will cost you more initially than fluorescent lighting, but you will recover those costs in a number of ways, which we have already discussed.

There is a wide selection of LED movie poster frames to choose from so you can find a style that is right for you whether that’s in your home theater room or to promote your movies for your commercial theater or business. Browse through the lighted poster frames and find the one that appeals to you. Better yet, why not choose more than one. Still not sure whether you want LED or fluorescent than why not have a look at posters under both lighting types – that’s sure to help you decide.



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