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Using the Best Movie Poster Displays for Your Collection


Collecting movie posters is more than just a hobby as posters do not just to make walls look good. From movies like Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra and Gone with the Wind to minimalist posters of the 20th century, poster collectors have spent thousands of dollars to make sure that they get the best ones out there which commemorate the movie’s release.

Along with research, many people even enter into bidding wars so that they are the only ones getting a particular poster for their collection. In fact, the world’s most expensive movie poster which is the rare and coveted “Metropolis” movie poster was valued at more than $1 Million because it was only one of the four known surviving copies of the 1927 silent classic.

So how should a person who collects movie posters show the world just how rare and valuable a piece is? Here are just some of the movie poster displays you can use to showcase your prized possessions.

Profile Series Poster Case

For a classic poster, you need a classic case. This movie poster display shows the art in the best way. Made with a minimalist framing of bold matting, the frame makes the poster stand out and with the lighting, brings the attention of the viewer right to it. The Profile poster case is simple, and with short edges, it makes sure that the poster is the only focus when one looks at it. And if regular black isn’t your style, you can try the satin or polished gold, or polished or satin silver too.

Classic Series ETS-1 Poster Case

Framed in gold, this movie poster display is a traditional setting to display your favorite poster. Like understated royalty, this case makes a stunning impression on the viewer, and illuminates the front-loading case to take the look of the poster to a whole new level. Made from aluminum, this case has a recessed door, and is very easy to handle.

El Dorado Series ETS-26 Poster Case

A poster case for the kings, this case is made to blend naturally with any room. Classy and gorgeous, this movie poster display will make your poster look beautiful and more or less, like a work of art. A movie poster is more than just a print and for those who value the beauty of a good poster, they will agree that using this poster case will make the print look classic and more than just a decorative item hanging on the wall.

Movie poster collections deserve to hang on the wall in all their glory and by using the right movie poster displays; you can show the world how much you love the beauty of cinema.



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