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What You Need to Know about Your Lighted Movie Poster Frame


Poster lightboxes can add a very special touch to events, homes, theaters and much more. We have compiled the top uses for these elegant display cases so check them out below.

The Movie Theater Experience
What would a movie theater be without the presence of illuminated poster lightboxes? These shining reminders of movies "Coming soon" or "Now showing" are a lovely touch to any theater. The marquees and poster frames have many different styles and options that will add perfectly to the look of your theater. They can be attention grabbing and gaudy or merely simple and elegant. The choice is yours!

The Top-Notch Home Theater
Your guests will surely rate your home theater the best in town when they see the professional-grade LED movie poster frames adorning the walls. Your family of movie lovers should spare no expense in making this area of your home the best place to experience all of your favorite movies and shows.

Fun Wall Décor For Home
Whether you have a home theater or not, our poster displays are a truly great addition to your home. They can be bedroom décor in your little one"s themed bedroom or an elegant piece on the wall of your living room or entry way. With a wide range of styles and options, you can definitely find one to match the style of any room of your home.

That Extra Something for Themed Parties
Having high quality décor at an important event or themed party will definitely impress the guests. A movie poster light box will really bring an elegant feel to a "Night at the Movies" or "Hollywood" themed event.

A Red Carpet Must-Have
Hosting a red carpet event is a big deal and it"s important to make it go as seamlessly as possible. The glittering lights from rows of LED movie poster frames really electrify the atmosphere of these exciting events.

A Unique Gift
For a movie buff, it doesn"t get much better than getting to display their favorite movie posters with a professional looking move poster light box. If you are looking for the perfect gift for the special movie fanatic in your life, this is definitely it.

Our poster light boxes from Poster Display Cases make quite a statement and have many high quality options and eye-catching looks to choose from. No matter what the occasion is or what you are decorating, you can find a great case that will fit perfectly with the theme and décor you pair it with.



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