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Edgeline Lumina Series ETS-12 Movie Poster Case

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Other Details

  • Product SKU:
  • Overall Dimensions (no dater):
    33 1/3" x 47 1/4" x 4"
  • Electrical Specs:
    120/277 v, .98 amps, 50/60 hz, 100 w
  • Fits Poster Size:
    27" x 40", 27" x 41"
  • Location:
  • Production Time:
    10-15 Business Days

Product Description

The Edgeline Lumina Series ETS-12 offers a simple, minimally-cased frame that definitely doesn't overshadow the poster you put inside of it.  If anything, it showcases it even more!  The fluorescent or LED backlit display (your choice) works to illuminate your poster and this front-loading case is designed for indoor use.

Available Case and Door Finishes:
Satin Silver
Satin Gold

33 1/3" x 47 1/4" x 4" - No Dater
33 1/3" x 53 1/2" x 4" - With Dater (as shown above)
4" - Depth

The Edgeline Lumina is one of our more popular movie poster case light boxes not only because of its simple design, but also because of its many customizable options.  Probably the most obvious is the dater box.  The dater/header box can be built either at the top or bottom of the case.  Or, if you prefer, you can choose to have no box at all.  We offer a handful of available messages like "NOW SHOWING" and "COMING SOON" (both are included with the case), as well as a couple of pre-selected messages.  We also offer our customers the opportunity to create their own custom message (i.e. "Smith Family Theater" etc.).

To further the message of truly "customizable," the wiring options as well as the lighting options can be made to your specifications.  Whether you prefer a 3-prong power cord or hard-wiring, we can build it.  If you would rather upgrade to LED backlighting (preferred) instead of the standard fluorescent backlighting, we can also make it happen.  

The front-loading design makes changing posters quite easy and the locking design keeps them safe and sound.  Rest assured that no corners are ever cut when we have our builders make your custom light boxes.  Our manufacturers are the same ones who makes these for some of the world's largest theater chains and they practice quality workmanship and use the very best materials.



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