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Grande Series TS-36 Light Box Poster Marquee 40 X 60

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Product Description

A grand poster marquee no doubt, the Grande series take classy to the next level.  With its stately columns and bold look, the Grande Series TS-36 poster marquee really makes a grand statement.  This marquee is perfect for indoor use and provides a great accent to your home theater.  Display your favorite movie poster just like the big theaters do with your choice of available fluorescent or LED backlighting as well as a host of other customizable options!

The Grande series offers a recessed poster viewing area as the two outside columns are pushed forward for a three-dimensional effect.  Shown above is the cool, satin silver finish, but rest assured that you can choose from a variety of other colors for a custom look that can match your theater's unique decor.  Designed for indoor use only, this marquee display still offers great protection for the inside poster.  Changing the poster is also simple and can be done in only a few minutes.

We get many requests about this marquee and what's great about it is that it serves a variety of purposes.  Feel free to mount or hang this beautiful poster case in your theater, art gallery, museum, shopping center, or any other place where you need a poster to be displayed.

Standard features and product information include: an overall size of 39.5"x49.5"x4", weight of approximately 50 lbs., and the ability to fit standard movie poster sizes of 37"x40" or 37"x41", respectively.  Please allow us approximately two to three business weeks to build your custom marquee.  

Regarding the many available options with the Grande series, use our simple drop-down menu to view all of the different combinations.  From different case finishes (both outside and inside), to varied wiring options and even backlighting options, you can customize your poster marquee display to your exact specifications!  




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