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Halolite Series TS-12 Light Box Poster Marquee 40 X 60

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Product Description

The Halolite Poster Marquee is a rear-illuminated marquee featuring an attractive colored acrylic halo border.  This poster marquee includes one standard dater (NOW SHOWING or COMING SOON) and custom daters are also available.  The dater can be positioned either at the top of the frame or at the bottom.  The Halolite offers fluorescent or LED backlighting to make a stunning display of your posters (uses standard T8 bulbs).  The marquee is also front-loading and recommended for indoor use only.

* Includes one each: NOW SHOWING and COMING SOON Dater.  Custom Daters are also available. The box to hold the dater, can be located on the top or bottom of the frame. 

* This professional marquee is manufactured by the same company that makes them for the large movie theater chains. 

* Authentic rear-illuminated poster marquees like the Halolite have fluorescent back-lighting to make a stunning display of your one-sheet posters (uses standard T8 Bulbs). 

* Heavy extruded anodized aluminum case frame.
* Recessed glass door. 
* Aluminum Back. 
* Colored acrylic matte behind door frame houses front loading poster frame, and dater frame with integral diffusion sheeting. 
* Acrylic matte illuminates to create a neon-like halo effect.
* Fluorescent lighting for rear illumination.
* Light fixture body serves as junction box.

Electrical Wiring: 
* Choose between 3-Prong Power Cord or 'Hardwired' for Direct Wiring into your AC power lines by a qualified electrician. 
* Hardwired: You decide where to drill a small hole out the back of the case.  Your electrician feeds the wires through the hole and connects them to the internal junction box. 
* 3-Prong Power Cord: Choose your cord length and the location where you would like the cord to come out of the case. 
* Recessed Outlet: If you would like to hang the poster case over a recessed outlet, then choose 3-Prong Power Cord (coiled-up inside) so you can cut a hole in the back of the case directly over your outlet, and run the cord out the hole. 
* Switch: A single On/Off power switch controls both the halo stripe and florescent tube lighting. 

To Mount: 
Simply open the case and drill 2 holes through the metal back that correspond to the spacing of the studs in your walls (typically 16-inches apart).  Then use at least 2 long screws (2.5 - 3 inch) to secure the case to the wall.



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