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Mattelite Series TS-33 Light Box Poster Marquee 40 X 60

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Product Description

The popular Mattelite series gives viewers the chance to look over a poster that is centered with a thick border.  This poster marquee is surrounded by a framed matte and makes any poster look even better!  This indoor-use marquee features a simple, yet elegant design and it perfect for both cinemas and home theaters alike.  The backlighting options included standard fluorescent bulbs or new, upgraded LED bulbs.  

What's great about the Mattelite Series TS-33 movie poster marquee is that it offers a bold inner frame and matting, both of which have customizable finish options just like the outer frame.  To help with any confusion, from the outside of the case to the inside, it starts with outer frame --> matte --> inner frame.  In the image above, you can see a satin silver outer frame finish, then a white matte, and finally a satin silver inner frame.  The cool thing about the matting is that there are a number of color/finish options that are different than the standard silver, gold, and black.  You can chose from either white, black, navy blue, or even burgundy matte color to add a little splash to your Mattelite series marquee.  We think you'll agree that a little bit of color goes a long way, and we're sure your guests will appreciate this accent on a seemingly subtle movie poster marquee like this one.

Poster Display Cases' poster marquees are all available with a number of customizable options.  From different case and matte finishes to backlighting options and specific wiring and electrical demands, the Mattelite is one of our most popular marquees for these very reasons.  This marquee case is also available with an LCD monitor enclosure for rotating displays and showing advertisements, films, and more (contact us for more information regarding this option).    




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