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When you are displaying graphics, collectibles, and memorabilia indoors, it is vitally important to ensure that the framing that you use to showcase your wares is appropriate for the content and the setting, when you do this, what happens is your personal collection, or that of your business, becomes that much more alluring for visitors and customers – and it gives off the impression of how serious you are and your endeavors. This is why indoor light boxes are perfect for nearly every type of display.

When you have open faced marquees, what you have is the perfect way to make your collectibles and other memorabilia feel accessible. These open faced lightboxes are light and can be mounted on any type of wall – everything from stucco, drywall, plaster, and even brick. The power source for the lighting on these indoor light box displays also is customizable, this way your graphics and collectibles get bathed in the most flattering of light. Having indoor light boxes is a must for any serious club, theater, restaurant, office, and private collector.

The best part about these indoor light boxes is the different availability of sizes, styles, colors, and finishes. Despite the different sizes of your collectibles and memorabilia, you can find the right open faced lightboxes for whatever your preference of display along with what the room décor is. For businesses, one of the best parts of these indoor light box displays is how they make changing out the content so easy. It actually takes longer to unfurl the poster than it does to change out the old graphic for the new graphics. For private collectors, the open faced marquees are the perfect way to showcase the amazing collection that you have and perfect for displaying within a screening room for entertaining your friends and family.



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