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There is truly no better way to display posters than with one of our poster kiosks.  Poster Display Cases' 3 and 4-sided poster kiosks are designed to make your posters as visible as possible with a virtual 360-degree presentation and quite a bit of style.  

Ideal for movie theaters, shopping centers, lobbies, and much, much more, Poster Display Cases' poster kiosks have many applications.  A variety of themes and customizable options make these kiosks very popular and definitely in demand.  From the classic 3-sided Baluster Series to the elaborate 4-sided Calypso Series and everything in between, these kiosks have something to offer everyone.  

And by something, we mean a lot.  Take the Graphic Series kiosk for instance.  Up to 12 posters can be displayed at any given time on this tall, modern-looking kiosk.  The Graphic Series and the Poster series are just a couple of the kiosks offered that display multiple posters per side.  

Poster Display Cases is proud to offer authentic poster kiosks made with the highest quality components and genuine workmanship.   




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