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Pylon Series TS-19 Light Box Poster Marquee 40 X 60

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Product Description

If you're looking for a simple poster marquee with pure class, check out the Pylon series.  The Pylon series features a perimeter matte with a classic style that won't upstage the encased poster.  If anything, the Pylon helps to enhance it.  An indoor marquee, it's designed for home theater use or for use at a cinema to display all sorts of posters.  The Pylon features fluorescent or LED backlighting and can also be made for use as an LCD monitor enclosure when showing digital content or even television.

One of our more popular marquee displays, the Pylon Series TS-19 provides a professional look at an economical price.  Ideal for a variety of applications, this poster marquee case works great at places like movie theaters, community playhouses, shopping centers, and small home theaters among others.  

Shown above is the marquee with satin silver finish on the outer frame and polished silver on the inner frame.  A good-looking combination for sure but don't worry, you're not limited to only those colors.  In addition, we also offer satin gold, polished gold, and black finishes.  There are a multitude of combinations to choose from and we're confident that you'll find the right match for you and your theater!

Choose from fluorescent lighting, LED lighting, or an LCD monitor enclosure (contact us regarding this option).  Fluorescent backlighting comes standard with the Pylon series, but we recommend upgrading to the LED option.  LEDs operate at a cooler temperature, last considerably longer, and most importantly, they are energy-efficient, using only a fraction of the energy compared to what fluorescent or even halogen lights use.

The Pylon makes a great poster marquee frame and the available options also make it a no-brainer!  Select your unique preferences and place your order today!      



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