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Regal Series TS-35 Light Box Poster Marquee 40 X 60

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Product Description

Bold perimeters, stately side columns and a touch of regal charm describe the Regal series poster marquee perfectly.  This poster marquee is certainly regal and is in an elite class all its own.  The Regal series features smooth, contoured lines and with the all gold-colored frame finish like on the marquee shown above, the Regal adds a bit of class and certainly elegance to any poster that it displays.  This poster marquee display truly makes any poster a regal one!

Poster Display Cases is proud to offer a movie poster marquee like the Regal Series TS-35 which is a beautiful conversation starter in itself, but also offers a host of customizable options that will go great with any theater and have you and your guests talking about it. 

Different from other marquees, the Regal series also offers a finish option for a third location; the contoured side columns.  Typically, only the outer frame and the inner frame could be customized, but with this additional area, you can be sure of countless color combinations, arriving at one that's the perfect complement to your theater, shop, museum, or gallery.

Also available is your choice of backlighting options including standard fluorescent bulbs, an LED upgrade option, and even an LCD monitor enclosure

This indoor-use case is made to your exact specifications and is designed to fit standard 27" x 40" or 27" x 41" movie posters.  Contact us today for more information about larger marquees built to house larger bus shelter-sized posters (48" x 70").

The Regal series illuminated marquee poster case is ready to be mounted or hung right out of the box.  To mount: simply open the case and drill 2 holes through the metal back that correspond to the spacing of the studs in your walls (approximately 16 inches apart).  Next, use 2 long screws (2.5 - 3 inches) to secure the case to the wall.  To hang: screw on optional eyebolts to the top and use heavy-duty wire or cable for support.  If you wish to hang this marquee, please inform us upon placing your order so that we can inform our builder.





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