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Tablet Series TS-34 Light Box Poster Marquee 40 X 60

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Product Description

The Tablet series boasts a conventional look with a bold perimeter.  However, don't be fooled, this is a great no-frills poster marquee that combines elegance with simplicity.  The Tablet marquee was designed to highlight and display a poster and its attributes without overpowering the message that it conveys.  It's perfect for a home theater as well as for framing posters of all types including movies, shows, concerts, and much more!

With an off-center position for posters and a thick bottom border, it's hard for the Tablet Series TS-34 to not draw attention to itself.  Even with its simple design, your guests will be attracted to the Tablet's clean and sleek lines, which are perfect to help you advertise the poster or other graphic mounted inside.

Best suited for inside use, this marquee poster frame is actually quite robust in its construction and the detailed workmanship is notable from the moment it's unwrapped.  Our builders make these marquees and other similar movie poster display cases for some of the largest cinema chains in the world, using the very best materials on the market.  Rest assured that you're getting a high-quality poster marquee from a very reputable manufacturer.

Feel free to customize the Tablet series case any way you want by using our simple drop-down menu.  Available options include outer and inner frame finishes (satin silver, satin gold, polished silver, polished gold, and black), backlighting (standard fluorescent or LED), and wiring/electrical options.  We think you'll arrive at a combination that's perfect fort you and your theater!

** Contact us to learn about making this poster marquee case into an enclosed LCD monitor frame ideal for showing videos, advertisements, power point presentations, and other digital data.      

** Contact us for more information about making the Tablet poster marquee larger, in order to fit oversized bus shelter posters of 48" x 70", respectively.  



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